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If you have quetions or comments, do not hesitate to send us an e-mail Check our frequently asked questions section and visit our social media
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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
How do I sign up for a course?
First you must Register, once registered, click to buy now, select the payment form and follow the instructions. Once the payment has been validated, your access credentials will be sent to the selected course.
What is the EQA Training differentiator for all platforms?
Generally, online courses on Management Systems are boring, full of technical terms and without dynamism. EQA Training is different, although it is created by experts, your learning will be effective because it was developed under unique methodologies; didactics, dynamic activities and interactive material. Backed by a leading certification body in management systems.
When does my course start?
Once the payment has been made, we will send your credentials to your email/cell phone. You can login to the platform: > Login
What are the available means of payment?
We have two payment methods: 1) Paypal, you can associate your credit/debit card and pay securely online. 2) Bank Transfer, we will send you our bank details, make the payment through your online banking or in person.
How long does it take to get credit for the payment?
For payments via Paypal, accreditation is immediate after the transaction is completed. For payments through bank deposit, cash or other, the term varies according to the processing speed of the collecting company; the average is usually 2 to 3 useful. Therefore, we recommend that you always inform of the payment made to verify and speed up the confirmation of registration in the course.
Do you issue an invoice?
Yes, only if your payment is through Bank Transfer, the corresponding % VAT will be added, and we will ask for your tax data to issue the invoice.
How long does a course last?
As it is an online modality, there is no time limit, that is, you have to take the course to your liking and activities. So the duration of the course may vary depending on the user.
What is the price of each course and what does it include?
The costs of each course are in US Dollar, so depending on your country, the conversion will be made. Each course has a different value. This information is public and appears clearly entering each course of interest. Includes: Unlimited access to the course platform on the Internet, 24 hs. of the day/ permanently. Study material available at EQA Training. Visualization of videos, PDF material, infographics, etc. Technical consultations to the instructor and community through the forum. Practical activities. Evaluation activities. Certificate of course approval endorsed by international certification body.
Who can take the EQA Training courses?
While basic knowledge of Management Systems is recommended, it is not a requirement. The courses are designed for any audience, whether you are a student, professional, auditor, manager or simply interested in expanding your knowledge. EQA Training is for you.
What do you need my cell phone for?
We will send personalized notifications to your cell phone, when your record is ready, send confirmation of registration, when you want the change of password, etc. But don’t worry, your data is secure, because we will not misuse it. If you have any questions, you can check our Privacy Notice.